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Number 47 Hoole, nestled within the award winning suburb of Hoole, commanding a prime location on FAULKNER STREET - Offering both Walk - In's with Scott and Jack. Appointments with Brad and James so whatever your preference you're well covered. 

47 Hoole offers the ultimate male grooming experience.

As a modern, gentlemen’s barber shop Number 47 exudes professionalism, quality and charm. Expertly managed and tastefully designed the salon encapsulates the very essence of refined barbering services.

Under careful management, the experienced barbers are able to offer an impeccable, courteous, service to the most discerning customers. Operating at the ‘high end’ of their craft, this skilful team are confident, innovative and creative whilst painstakingly committed to achieving your exacting requirements, whether classic or modern, a one-off or full restyle or indeed, a luxurious, bespoke, hot towel wet shave.

To add to your experience, hot and cold refreshments, freshly brewed are always available.

Alternately we have our Boughton site, a prime example of the evolution from classic to modern barbering.

Lynne Foster, owner and manager has carefully created a salon which totally epitomises cool…..It’s bright, spacious, informal and uncluttered creating an ambience associated with high-end, contemporary, urban living. Sure to become Chester’s ultimate male grooming destination, this salon offers a calm oasis away from the city centre, the perfect place to relax and revitalise.

Ensuring this team get it perfectly right is Ollie Foster, himself a highly skilled barber, who achieved the coveted ‘English Barber of the Year’ title. This is male grooming at its finest. Each client will be cared for with products from their own popular range of treatments with the luxury of after-shaves supplied by ‘royally appointed’ Penhaligons. Indeed, every effort will be taken to meet your exact requirements, from skin fades to hot towel shaves, you will leave looking sharp, polished and restored.

In addition Ollie has launched the 47 Academy. Welcomed and supported by the Hairdressing Federation the initial courses have been a sell-out success. New up-coming barbers can hone their skills whilst traditional barbers have the opportunity to embrace modern techniques.

These teams of professional, highly-skilled barbers will endeavour to ensure that their enviable reputation remains at the very pinnacle of British barbering for years to come.


- About us -

Ollie Foster - Director/ Head of Education

International Educator Ollie has always had a keen interest in hair and fashion. Growing up, Ollie was a Goalkeeper, Musician, Theatrical and after completing further education decided to peruse a Hairdressing apprenticeship. He did this for about a year before leaving to become a full time P.E Coach while balancing a music career. In 2015, I dropped everything to come back to hair and try my luck with the clippers. “Seeing 47 grow to where we are today has been amazing and we are still watching it grow!” Ollie has educated all over the globe with The Great British Barber Bash and this is a huge passion of his. If he’s not behind the chair, you will find him having a pint in the Cherry with the lads!   

Likes: Everton FC, Anything from the 80’s, Prince, Echo and the Bunnymen and Donner Meat and Chips with Chilli and Mayo.

Dislikes: LFC, Crocks, Dirty Shoes, People who don't give 100%.

Idols: Ian McCulloch, Tony Hibbert, Prince, Oasis and Shapes.

Instagram: @olliefosterhair

Lynne Foster - Director

Lynne has cut hair from Hoole to Barcelona, cobbles to beaches! You won’t find a lady quite like this one! Rest assured you will be well and truly looked after with a shining haircut, a spruce of her favourite aftershave and a good strong coffee! There is no end to Lynne’s passion for barbering and she still has more to give! “Bring on the future”

Likes: Penhaligon’s, Chlo Bo, Beaches, Sunsets and Thunderstorms.

Dislikes:  Lycra and Whiskey.

Influences: My first boss Roger Paul, also my sister Alison, she’s my rock.

Instagram: @lynne47barber

Scott Edwards - Senior Stylist

DON’T BEAT ME UP SCOTTY!!! Scotty has found himself right at home here at 47, and is now an experienced member of the 47 famalam. He has even had the magical 47 tattoo!  Every time you see Scott he will have a different pair of Vans on with a different hat, he’s just that cool right? Scott’s fade game is out of this world. “LOVING LIFE AT 47”

Likes: Football, LFC, Steins, Vans, Snapbacks and Ian Nichol

Dislikes: Tight tees, Manchester United, Rain and Ian Nichol

Idols: David Beckham and Ian Nichol

Instagram: @_scott_edwards_

James Welch - Senior Stylist

James is our tech geek, he will always greet you with a smile followed by a twist of his moustache. James is very technical and will guarantee a 100% slick finish every time. Not only is he a wiz with the clippers, James is a Level 4 accredited hairdresser so he’s a dab with the ladies too (easy tiger.)

Likes: Art and Design, Sherlock Holmes and Engineering.

Dislikes: Lack of Organisation and Structure and Donald Trump.

Idols: Nikola Tesla and Stephen Fry.

Instagram: @jameswelchhair

Brad Threadgill - Senior Stylist

Brad the Welsh warrior moved from the valleys to Chester to become a part of 47 and loves what he does. The nirvana enthusiast will talk conspiracy theories and anything Oasis. Brad has been seen in pubs shouting ‘As you were’ down a microphone in more than one country.


Likes: Music, Football, Everton F.C, Pretending to be Liam Gallaghers and The Oaklands

Dislikes: Liverpool F.C, Cricket and Wasps 

Idols: Bryn Fon, The Gallaghers, Kurt Cobain and Alan Beak.

Instagram: @bradcutshair

Scott Middlehurst - Stylist

I’m Scotty, sure, I was born in Upton… But I was made at 47. Scott is a massive music lover (mad for it) and will chat to you all day about it. From Kendrick Lamar to The Stone Roses, from Morrisey to Dua Lipa, From 1D to JLS. Scott met Ollie when he was at West Chehsire College, and as an apprentice and took him under his wing as he seen his potential. Everyone at 47 has helped him to improve his skills and knowledge.


Likes: Chippy’s, Karaoke and The Smithy Hotel.

Dislike: Square Necks, Wrestling, Dropping Mugs and Russel Howard.

Idols: Phillip Schofield, Kendrick Lamar, Bryn Fon, L.G and O.F.

Instagram: @asapscottyhair

Billy Mann - Stylist

I started from the bottom now i'm here! I've come through the ranks here at 47, started brushing the floors and now im putting the hair on the floor. Now a fully competent stylist, im manning the walk ins here at Boughton. 

Likes: Liverpool FC, Ollie Foster.

Dislikes: Manchester United, Rugby. 

Idols: Ollie Foster (The Coach)

Instagram: @billmannbarber

Jacob Watson-Meyers - Apprentice

What a dream it has been to start with the 47 team! Coming straight from school into this amazing industry, I am hoping to bring, a young quirky vibe to the shop. I have had some questionable shouts over the last few months.... Feel free to ask when you come in but... 

Milk before Cereal.

Water before Juice.

Wales is in England. 

No Christmas Dinner. 

BUFFET is said the way its spelt


Likes: Drums, Food, Billy Mann, Phillip Schofield, Tenerife. 

Dislikes: Veg, Everton FC, My Cows Lick.

Idols: Kylie Jenner, Big Drew, O.F, Gerry Cinnamon.

Instagram: @jacobwmhair


Cal Brayne - Stylist

I’m Callum born in Shropshire made in Manchester now back in Chester at 47 keeping it weighty. Big lover of music anything from rock to mixes to the classics. Love pushing my skills to the limits stepping out my comfort zone to make my work the best it can be.

Likes: Music, Tattoos, Liverpool and Travelling

Dislikes: Manchester United

Idols: Dave Grohl, Ollie Foster and Charlie Gray

Instagram: @calb_barberin

Number 47 Barbers, Hoole

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Number 47 Barbers, Boughton

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